To top off the high quality ingredients, each of our sauces share a different story and experience so be sure to try them all!

IncredBowl-y satisfying

In IncredBowl, we care for our customers as we care for our family – we only offer the best of the best. Our ingredients are carefully selected for health and taste benefits. Each ingredient in our dish has immense health benefits which is guaranteed to make your body feel just as good as the taste. Our meats and vegetables are prepared fresh every day to make sure you get the greatest bibimbap experience.

Our story

We began the founding of our restaurant with our humble vision to lift up our community with a healthy and delicious Korean dish. For generations, Koreans have eaten the healthy and simple dish called bibimbap with families and friends. We wanted to share this experience with our greater Atlanta community to enjoy our Korean flavors while getting healthier by the bite.